GOP Strategist: Palin Prolonged the Polarization and Prolonged the Country's Misery, Obama "Rescued the Moment" (Video)

Andrea Michell is discussing Sarah Palin (what a surprise) with Democrat David Bonier and Republican strategist Vin Weber, here's the video of Weber

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MITCHELL: "She had the choice of when to speak and the tone. and one has to wonder why doesn't she have a wider circling of advisers. i don't know any political strategist of a national campaign, republican or democrat who thinks that was a smart thing to do.

VIN WEBER: "Well, we really don't know who advises her. She's quite isolated from what you might think of as the Republican establishment. No one is quite sure who's advising her. I think she was way off key on what she said and the president was right on key. The country after a catastrophe like this wants a moment when you come together and heal a little bit, and they had been denied that because of all the debate about the polarizatio and the president rescued the moment, if you will, and brought the country together and for governor Palin to have responded the way she did at the time was kind of prolonging the polarization and prolonging the country's sort of misery as they waited for a moment of unity.