Chris Matthews: "Unrest In Egypt, Proving That The Iraq War Wasn't Needed" (Video)

Yes, that's what he said. Like everybody else, I have not a clue what the hell he's talking about here. Listen to how this absolute fool opened his show on Friday's Hardball
MATTHEWS: "Leading off tonight: Unrest in Egypt. Proving the Iraq war wasn`t needed, these protests in Egypt, as well as in Yemen and Tunisia, are all aimed at dictators supported by the U.S. The demonstrations have not yet turned anti-American, but they could. These are the events the Bush administration hoped to encourage by lying about weapons of mass destruction and invading Iraq. A live report from Richard Engel at the scene coming up. And we`ll stay on this story throughout the hour as events warrant

Noel Sheppard writes: "Riots and a potential revolution in Egypt prove the Iraq war wasn't needed?

How does one come to that conclusion? Who on Matthews' staff decided that the perfect way to lead off Friday's program was by linking the unrest in Egypt to Bush and Iraq?

Didn't these folks learn anything from their rush to judgment over this month's shootings in Tucson?"