88% of Republicans Want the Tea Party to Play a Role Within the Party Going Forward

Washington (CNN) - As the GOP on Capitol Hill continues the process of peacefully incorporating newly-elected Tea Party members into its fold, a new poll shows close to 90 percent of Republicans says its important the Tea Party's ideas are given significant weight within the party going forward.

According to the new survey from Gallup, 53 percent of Republicans say it's very important and another 35 say it's somewhat important their party embrace Tea Party principles.

That compares to 7 percent of Republicans who say it's not too important the grassroots movement is given respect on Capitol Hill and 2 percent who flat out believe it's not important at all

Expanded to all adults, the survey reports nearly seventy percent wan the Tea Party to play a key role within the GOP.

This comes nearly a week after one of the initial conflicts between the Republican Party and Tea members when two Republicans delivered a response to President Obama's State of the Union address.