South Korean Protesters Clash With Police at a Rally in Seoul (Video)

There are demanding that the South Korean government take a tougher stance against the North, this gets out of hand. The police use tear gas, the protesters have sticks and are pushing back. At the beginning, they burn pictures of Kim Jong 'Mentally' Ill

South Korean protesters have clashed with police during a rally in Seoul to show their anger at their country's response to its confrontation with the North. Demonstrators called on the South Korean government to take a harder line against North Korea following Tuesday's attack on Yeonpyeong Island.

At another protest against the North held in Seoul at the same time, more than a thousand retired-marines also called on for a tougher stance against the North. Tension between the Koreas is running high as the U.S. and the South prepare for large-scale military drills, set to begin on Sunday