President Obama: "It's The Norm" To Lose Congress in the Mid-Terms

Michelle Obama: "My understanding is that number one, every president in history has lost Congress at the midterms. Maybe that's overstating it, but it's happened for every president in my lifetime." Barack Obama: "It's the norm"

63 seats in the House and Obama says it's the norm. No Barack and Michelle, it's not 'the norm'

Just exactly who "lost" congress during their presidency?The Republicans never controlled either chamber of Congress during Richard Nixon's one-plus terms. As such, he never lost Congress. Same for Gerald Ford.

Although Jimmy Carter lost some seats in the 1978 midterms, he still maintained significant majorities of 58 seats in the Senate and 277 in the House.

Ronald Reagan's midterm record was actually one that has been widely misrepresented in recent weeks.

He came into office in 1981 with Republicans controlling the Senate for the first time in many years. Although he lost seats in the House during the 1982 midterms, he ended up gaining two seats in the Senate. He didn't lose the Senate back to the Democrats until the 1986 midterms.

With this in mind, as George H. W. Bush never had control of either chamber, he didn't lose Congress in his only midterm elections in 1990.

For his part, Bill Clinton fared very poorly in both of his midterms, while George W. Bush did well in 2002 only to get clobbered in 2006.