PPP Poll of GOP 2012: Sarah Palin 21%, Newt Gingrich 19%, Mitt Romney 18%

Sarah Palin pulls 21% to Newt Gingrich’s 19%, Mitt Romney’s 18%, Mike Huckabee’s 16%, Ron Paul’s and Tim Pawlenty’s 5%, John Thune’s 3%, and Mitch Daniels’ 2%. To make things even more chaotic, 12%—almost as many as favor the bottom four combined—are either completely unsure or want another candidate to jump in.

If some unnamed contender or one of the less-supported options managed to pick up momentumwith this group, he or she would instantly join the conversation near the top.

There is a sizeable ideological divide. As is typically the case, Romney’s strength is among moderates, with 25% to Huckabee’s 20%, Palin’s 13%, and Gingrich’s 10%.
Unfortunately for Romney, self-proclaimed centrists make up only 28% of the nationwide electorate.

The 71% who call themselves conservative give Palin and Gingrich a huge boost—the two are essentially tied with right-wingers at 24% and 23%, respectively. Romney drops way down to 15%, just nosing out Huckabee’s 14%.