Police Uncover a Second Drug Smuggling Tunnel on the U.S.-Mexico Border

San Diego area and Tijuana, this half-mile tunnel linked two warehouses. It was equipped with advanced rail, electrical and ventilation systems. This is the second tunnel uncovered in that area in the last 30 days

ICE photo via 10news, does that not look like rock that was dug through for this tunnel?

SAN DIEGO -- Eight people were arrested and more than 20 tons of marijuana was seized in connection with the discovery of the second drug-smuggling tunnel crossing the U.S.-Mexico border this month, federal authorities announced Friday.
The half-mile passageway linking two U.S. warehouses in Otay Mesa with a stucco residence in Tijuana was located Thursday morning by the San Diego Tunnel Task Force.

Tijuana residence where the tunnel ended had a garage large enough to accommodate deliveries from tractor trailer trucks, authorities said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents along with Border Patrol agents swarmed a warehouse on Via de la Amistad in Otay Mesa Thanksgiving morning.

Federal agents said they found marijuana in a tractor trailer on the U.S. side and inside the warehouse.

This tunnel was outfitted with advanced rail, electrical and ventilation systems and was "more sophisticated" than the 600-yard-long tunnel linking warehouses in Otay Mesa and Tijuana discovered Nov. 2, according to the task force.

The task force found the tunnel after agents conducting surveillance in Otay Mesa noticed suspicious activity involving a truck leaving one of the warehouses.
Video update: DEA Agents calling this tunnel very sophisticated. They show video of inside the tunnel