Huh? President Obama Tells Volunteers That In Midterms "You Guys Turned 'Yes We Can' Into 'Yes We Did'

WTH is he talking about?

Obama sends a message to Organizing for America thanking them for tireless work in the mid-terms and for not 'sitting this one out even though the pundit said it was hopeless'
Members of Organizing for America – the president’s former campaign committee – received a text message today asking them to call “to hear a special message from President Obama.”

In the recorded message, the president says, “Thank you for the tireless work, you guys organized the single largest midterm election effort in this history of our party…You turned ‘Yes We Can’ into ‘Yes We Did.’”

“You didn’t sit this one out even when all the pundits said it was hopeless and because of that we are stronger,” the president said

Considering that President Obama himself called the election “a shellacking,” with Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives, six Senate seats, 20 state legislatures, one might wonder exactly he thinks his volunteers did – other than valiantly trying but failing to get enough voters to the polls.

Neither the White House nor the Democratic National Committee immediately responded to messages seeking clarification.
60+seats in the House, 6 seats in the Senate, 680 seats in state legislatures, all lost by Obama and the Democrats. This is one more sign that they didn't receive the message the voters sent on November 2nd