County Council in Missouri Votes To Ban Protests At Funerals

Protests "will be illegal"...The ban is aimed at Military funerals. Barring an injunction, the law will take effect in 30 days. Here's the video
St. Charles, MO ( — "Even in the crucial and ugly days of Vietnam respect and dignity lived on," says Arch Riggenberg a Vietnam veteran who emotionally spoke before the St. Charles County Council. Riggenberg asked for passage of a controversial bill that aims to regulate anyone who tries to protest at a funeral.

"This is the right thing to do," says Councilmember Joe Brazil. While the ordinance will apply to every funeral it is admittedly designed to protect military funerals from protests by Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas who use military funerals to protest homosexuality.

"This is about the families" says County Executive Steve Ehlmann, "this is about government trying to do something to protect their privacy."

While those who spoke in favor shout their defense of the constitution, that's what ACLU attorneys say they will be doing by challenging this law in court.