Sharron Angle Campaign Shuts Out CBS, NBC Affiliates from Election Night Coverage

You'll see why in this video. The 2 (local) affiliates CBS and NBC want to ask her questions so they wait for her at the McCarran Airport but then they chase her all the way out to the parking lot until she got into her SUV with her husband. This guy just keeps on following her like he's TMZ paparazzi... Here's the video:

Nevada Republican Senate hopeful Sharron Angle arrived to Las Vegas' McCarran Airport this morning to do some campaigning in Southern Nevada.

The Tea Party-backed candidate was greeted by KLAS reporter Nathan Baca who asked Angle questions as she walked through the airport.

Later in the morning, Angle's campaign team met with local and national media to coordinate press coverage of her on election night. Angle's communications director asked KLAS, the CBS Las Vegas affiliate, to leave the meeting and banned them from covering Angle at the Venetian Hotel on November 2.

She said the reporter's attempt to talk to Angle at the airport was a paparazzi ambush. They also banned the NBC affiliate KSNV because one of their reporters was at the airport as well.

Angle has been criticized for dodging questions for the press; she has declined all requests from KLAS for interviews about her positions on issues.