Olby To Kendrick Meek: Let Me Get This Straight, You're Gonna Bet That Senate Seat That You Can Make Up 27 Points in 4 Days?

Kendrick Meek on MSNBC

KEITH OVERBITE: "Let me make sure I have it straight. The bottom line here is that you are willing to continue to bet that senate seat whether it's 27 polling points to be made up in one week or the 7 points you site behind Mr. Crist that you can make that up in now four days?

MEEK: The bottom line is i'm in this race, where I am in the polls want should not be an issue, Keith you know that. For me to say now I'm out, now all of a sudden I'm behind someone that I don't believe in, Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio? Please, people are voting right now, we have an opportunity to win the race as long as we're in this race"