Listen: Voicemail From Charlie Crist To Kendrick Meek Surfaces (Audio)

This was left before 5:00 a.m. Monday morning. CRIST: Let's see if "we can work out a time to get together, just you and me"

St. Petersburg Times
The Buzz has obtained the voice mail Charlie Crist left shortly before 5 a.m. Monday for Kendrick Meek, hoping to meet later that day to set up a deal were Meek would leave the race. Meek, of course, said no.

Crist starts out by referencing a phone call from Meek. Here's what happened, sources say: Crist started calling Meek a lot in days leading up to the CNN/St. Pete Times debate Sunday in Tampa. "He was basically phone banking him," a source told us. After the debate, Crist approached Kendrick. The spoke very briefly. The calls kept coming and that evening, Meek called Crist, who did not answer.