Larry Sabato's Final Election Prediction: Republicans +55 Seats in the House, + 8 Seats in the Senate

Sabato on Fox News this morning says this election was over a long time ago, nothing has changed since labor day despite $4 billion spent

SABATO: "What really surprises me is how little things have changed since that pre-labor day projection of +47, I've gone up to plus 55 but thing about that, it's 8 seats out of a 435 house, we've had $4 billion spent, we've had literally hundreds of thousands of ads in all kinds of other things, this election is about fundamentals, it was over a long time ago"
Sabato's prediction is pretty much identicle to 1994 when the GOP picked up 54 in the House and 8 in the Senate. In 1994, Bill Clinton who had been rejected by the voters was willing to pivot, I just don't see that happening with this President