Lamar Alexander Will Campaign For Delaware Republican Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell

Everytime I see Lamar Alexander I think of those red flannel shirts he and his supporters wore in his run for the Republican nomination in 1996...Anyway, Lamar is headed to Delaware

Lamar Alexander, the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, will make a campaign appearance Friday in Delaware with GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, CNN has learned.

The Tennessee senator is the first member of the Senate Republican leadership to appear with O'Donnell, according to an Alexander aide.

O'Donnell stunned and disappointed the GOP establishment when she beat Rep. Mike Castle in the Republican primary. Castle was considered a sure winner in the general election, but O'Donnell now trails her Democratic opponent Chris Coons by double digits.

"Christine O'Donnell's election will help provide a badly needed check and balance on a runaway federal government that has given us too much spending, too many taxes, too much debt, and too many Washington takeovers," Alexander said in a statement posted in the endorsements section of O'Donnell's campaign web site.

At the 9am event at Buckley's Restaurant in Centerville, Alexander will thank O'Donnell's volunteers and supporters and he will hold a press conference.
Notice the article says that this is "the first member of the Republican leadership to appear with O'Donnell." There is simply no excuse for the GOP leadership to not do everything in their power to win this Senate seat from the Democrats, especially in a possible wave election, anything can happen...