KY Democratic Party Releases Ad Against Republican Rand Paul Using Video From Stomping Incident

Yeah, this is gonna go over real well in Kentucky, about as well as the Aqua Buddha ad, I should point out that Rand Paul never saw the 'stomping' incident as he had already walked away. This is from the KY Democratic Party "The Rand Paul Stomp"

With their Senate candidate Jack Conway falling behind in the polls, the Kentucky Democratic party is attempting to use the recent "head stomping" incident at a Kentucky Senate debate to portray Republican candidate Rand Paul in a negative light.

The Democrats' new ad uses footage from the Monday event in which Lauren Valle, a 23-year-old liberal activist, was wrestled to the ground and stepped on by Rand Paul supporters. The approximately 60-second spot splices the violent footage with policies Democrats have dubbed "The Rand Paul Stomp" -- such as "End student loans" and "End mine safety laws."
You have to wonder who is calling the shots when these ads are released, all this is gonna do is turn out Republicans, Independents and the Tea Party on election day, people are tired of this...