Florida Republican Candidate Reveals Rape in TV Campaign Ad (Video)

Lizbeth Benacquisto reveals secret in campaign ad. Powerful video

With just days to go until Election Day, a Florida state Senate candidate has used a televised campaign ad to drop a very personal bombshell.

Fla. Senate candidate Lizbeth Benacquisto reveals that she was raped at 19."When I was 19 I was raped," Republican Lizbeth Benacquisto reveals to viewers. "And until now I've dealt with this privately."

The eleventh-hour advertisement attacked her opponent, Democratic State Rep. Kevin Rader for what she said was his assertion, made in his own televised ad, that Benacquisto's stance on abortion rights made criminals out of rape victims.

"For anyone to go so far in a political ad to characterize or claim that victims of rape or incest would become criminals crosses a line," she told ABCNews.com today. "I couldn't stand for any woman hearing that and thinking any of that was true."

Benacquisto's ad, which began airing Wednesday in Florida, has earned both praise and criticism.
Here is ad that's running in Florida