Charlie Crist on Fox News: Yes, I Spoke To The White House About Kendrick Meek Getting Out of the Race

There's a lot of contradictions tonight, Meek says the report is "inaccurate," Crist says (in this clip) that he talked to Meek and the White House, Clinton says he talked to Meek twice but not the White House...

Here's Meek tonight in Florida responding to the story

Bill Clinton: I Talked To Kendrick Meek Twice, but not the White House.

Former President Bill Clinton says he talked to Rep. Kendrick Meek about ending his bid for Senate twice, but that he never discussed the issue with the White House.

He was trying to determine what was the best thing for him to do,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Susan Candiotti Thursday. “I knew it was being discussed, people had discussed it on and off… it was no secret.”

Clinton said Meek did not have enough money to break through in the polls.“He was trying to think about what was the best thing for Florida,” Clinton said.

He said he thought it was important that Meek not discuss the issue with the White House, and instead do whatever he thought was right.Clinton declined to detail his discussions with Meek or address whether he had planned to attend a joint event with Crist and Meek.