Another Audience Breaks Into Pledge Of Allegiance Despite Moderator's Objection (Video)

2nd time this has happened in a week, at a debate in Pennsylvania an audience member asks if they are going to say the pledge, the moderator says no, the audience then takes over...
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is hardly controversial but it seemed so at a League of Women Voters Congressional Debate in Peters Township Tuesday night.

Democrat Dan Connolly and Republican Tim Murphy were about to begin when Murphy asked the moderator for the pledge. As the moderator hesitated, the crowd took action on its own.

The same occurred in Illinois on Oct. 20 when an audience member asked, "Are we going to say the Pledge of Allegiance?" The moderator responded, "No we are not. That's not part of the proposal tonight."

Again, the audience overruled the moderator, standing to say the pledge

"There have been some groups who want to create a ruckus, call attention to something and using the pledge to the flag and making it seem the league is unpatriotic if we don't," says Greater Pittsburgh League President Arlene Levy.