Paladino Slams Andrew Cuomo: He Has "No Cojones"

Paladino on Cuomo: "He's been hiding because he can't answer the issues"
NEW YORK (WABC) -- Carl Paladino is determined to try to irritate his Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo, who so far has not agreed to a debate.
"Andrew has to address the people, and it's time he got a set of cojones to be able to do that. He's been hiding because he can't answer the issues," Paladino said.
Paladino has even put out a flier using the same salty language

A letter from Paladino to Cuomo today also reads, "I don't think you have the cojones to face me... don't hide behind daddy's coattails... come out and debate like a man."

Another flier last week questioned Cuomo's claim that he can clean up Albany.

"We're saying he should clean himself up first. He's the one who doesn't find any conflict or anything indictable about Sheldon Silver," Paladino said. His comments about Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who's Jewish, have angered quite a few. Paladino defended a friend earlier this year who called silver a Hitler, the anti-Christ.

"It is beyond acceptable to use the language that he has used to refer to a Jewish leader as a Hitler. Has Paladino read his history?" New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind said.
From the above video, Paladino has put out 2 flyers on Cuomo, this one from last week:

This week: