Rangel on the House Floor: "If I Was You, I May Want Me To Go Away Too, I'm Not Going Away"

This was taken out of Rangel's 26 minute speech on the floor of the House today

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From the well of the House chamber, embattled Rep. Charles Rangel told his colleagues Tuesday that a 13-count ethics case against him will not force him to resign just to make their lives easier.

"You're not going to tell me to resign to make you feel comfortable," the 80-year-old New York Democrat said after reminding the Democratic side of the aisle that "I'm the guy that was raising money in Republican districts to get you here."

Hundreds of Rangel's fellow lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, sat rapt as he delivered an unusual 20-minute, off-the-cuff defense of his right to a speedy and fair trial under House ethics rules. Rangel challenged his colleagues to expel him if his case merits it.

"If I can't get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot and get rid of me through expulsion," he said.
**Update**via freedomslighthouse Luke Russert Tweets Dem reaction: