Governor Bobby Jindal Calls For Greater 'Urgency' From Obama on Ending Drilling Moratorium

Jindal talks to reporters right after Obama spoke at Xavier University

Jindal: "I don’t think they understood how the energy industry worked"

NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) on Sunday blasted President Obama’s failure to revisit his ban on offshore oil drilling.

We don’t think the fact that they’re not doing their jobs in D.C. should cost thousands of Louisianans our jobs,” Jindal told reporters shortly after the president spoke at Xavier University in New Orleans.

Obama’s speech on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina addressed the rebuilding of New Orleans and his commitment to clean up the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico but did not mention his administration’s decision to halt offshore exploration until Nov. 30.

The White House is reportedly considering an early end to the ban but Jindal wants to see a “greater sense of urgency” from the president. “The experts all agree, we can end this moratorium before six months," he said. "Let’s put our people back to work

Jindal said he was going to meet on Monday with former Florida Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who co-chairs the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling Commission, to make that point. The first-term governor said he’s fine with increased inspections of the rigs off Louisiana's coast; “what we’re saying is, a one-size-fits-all moratorium doesn’t make sense.”

I don’t think they understood how the energy industry worked – I think they really thought that the rigs could simply flip a switch,” he said. “In the beginning, the administration suggested people file BP claims with unemployment claims. We made it clear that people want to go back to work.”