Bill Press on the Mosque at Ground Zero: "This is Not a Sacred Site," Those Who Oppose "Want To Paint Islam as an Evil Religion"

**Watch carefully** Bill Press talks about hatred of religion [Islam] then says "Jesus" right on the air near the end of this clip

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CENK: "Bill, what do you say?"

BILL PRESS: "Let me tell you something, first of all, we're not talking ground zero, we're talking two blocks from ground zero, there are apartment buildings there, there's a catholic church there, a pizza parlor there. there are hotels there. there might even be a porn shop there. This is not a sacred site, this is all about religion and the opponents, there's only one reason to oppose this mosque, and that is to paint Islam as an evil religion and to ain't all Muslims and equate them with a 19 terrorist who's flew into that building. it is wrong. it is un-American and the people against it ought to be ashamed of playing a cheap political trick.
BTW, the landing gear that crashed into this building was from American Airlines flight 11 being flown by Mohammed Atta, one of the ringleaders