Shirley Sherrod On Andrew Breitbart: "Racist," Would "Like To Get Us Stuck Back In The Times of Slavery"

You're gonna hear her talk about Obama with warmth, kindness and forgiveness then instantly turn away from that when asked about Andrew Breitbart. Hey Shirley, Andrew Breitbart can't fire you, the Obama White House can, and did...(blamed it on Vilsack)

On Obama: "I really didn't feel I needed to hear him say he was sorry to me"

On Breitbart: Would like to get us stuck in the time of slavery, vicious, never tried to get past race, not interested in seeing anyone get past black vs. white, vicious against a black President, hasn't seen him do anything but try to divide us

Cooper: "You think he's racist?"
Sherrod: "Yes I do"
A poor performance tonight from Shirley Sherrod, this will be my very last post on anything related to her....