Russ Feingold Trails Republican Ron Johnson By 2 in Wisconsin

Trouble for Feingold...

The Wisconsin Senate race is still a toss-up, with Republican Ron Johnson and incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold in a near tie.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Wisconsin shows Johnson with 48% support. Feingold, a member of the Senate since 1993, again picks up 46% of the vote. Two percent (2%) favor another candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

Two weeks ago, it was Johnson at 47% and Feingold at 46%.

This is the fourth survey since May in which the incumbent’s support has remained at 46%. Feingold was reelected in 2004 with 55% of the vote, and incumbents who consistently earn less than 50% of the vote at this stage of a campaign are considered vulnerable.
*2010 Senate