Obama Hits 2 Fundraisers in New York, The First in Manhattan, The Second Is At The Four Seasons, Both Closed To The Press

And all it takes is a $30,400 contribution to the DNC

He's not gonna rest...Lets see, a trip to see the ladies at The View today, 2 Fundraisers in New York, then next week Michelle goes to Spain, then a vacation to the Gulf coast, return, Obama does fundraisers for Patty Murray, followed by a fundraiser for Governor Ted Strickland the following day, then a 10 day trip to Martha's Vineyard...(BTW, he just got back from Mt. Desert Island in Maine)

NEW YORK – After an afternoon of populism, lunching with small-business owners in New Jersey and gabbing with the opinionated ladies of ABC-TV’s “The View,” President Obama ended his day on Wednesday at separate $30,400-a-person fundraisers here in Manhattan.

The second of the two events was at the Greenwich Village home of Anna Wintour, the celebrity editor-in-chief of the American Vogue magazine who was the inspiration for the imperious fashion editor of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” It followed a fundraiser at the top-dollar Four Seasons hotel

Administration aides said each event drew about 50 people but they provided little other information, including the identities of the attendees, and reporters accompanying the president were not allowed inside because Mr. Obama was not making a speech. While Mr. Obama and his recent predecessors typically have allowed reporters inside fundraisers for a short time, usually when the president delivers remarks to the assembled contributors, the Obama camp has adopted a policy of excluding reporters when he merely mingles with the monied crowd.

On the flight from Washington earlier in the day, the deputy press secretary, Bill Burton, told reporters on Air Force One that Mr. Obama is simply doing “what a president traditionally does, which is helping to raise money for the campaign season.”
No Press allowed....