MSNBC Guest: The Only People Concerned About New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case "Are People That Watch Fox T.V."

Matthews: "The right wing is loving it because it's white-black" Matthews then goes to radio host E. Steven Collins..

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MATTHEWS: Well, let me, let me go to E. Steven on this. Your thoughts? You know this story better than I do. This is a Philly story. It`s gotten a lot of swirl. The right wing is loving it because ... it`s white-black. Your thoughts?

COLLINS: But Chris, the only people who are concerned about it are people that watch Fox TV. I mean, African-Americans, first of all, were not intimidated by a couple of guys, one who wore some jackboots, another guy with a with a bat. I mean, I`ve seen worse things happen on election day...first of all, in Philadelphia. Second, this is inner-city Philadelphia, where nobody, people waited in lines to vote. And it didn`t work, if they were attempting to intimidate