Mike Pence on the House Floor Defends The Tea Party Against Attacks By Democrats

Demeaning the tea party, "smacks of desperation"

"The real fear is coming from Democrat elitists"

Pence: "Yesterday we learned of a new effort by Democrats in Washington to attack American citizens who speak their mind and peacefully assemble as extremists or radicals.

Demeaning tea party citizens or other Americans who are simply saying no to runaway spending, takeovers and bailouts is beneath the dignity of a great political party and it smacks of desperation, the voices of the American people, whether the left or the right or the middle should never been muted or demeaned by the leader who serve them. When we see baseless smears of good Americans whose only offense is the exercise of their first amendment rights of free speech and free assembly, we should see the fear for what it is, the fear of losing an election"