Janet Napolitano on Fox News Won't Say if Arizona Boycott Should Be Ended

And by not saying, I think we all know deep down what she really believes. She can't even say that there should be no boycott of her own state...Greta also asks if SB1070 racially profiles. (No answer to that either)

This was absolutely painful watching this, she makes Michael Chertoff look like an absolute genius...

Real transcript:
Greta: "Does SB1070 racially profile?"

Napolitano: "Uh, I think uh, that is uh, not, uh uh, the central thesis of the government's uh uh, concern about 1070"

Greta: "In light of these boycotts and all the upset in the nation, should the boycotts be ended?"

Napolitano: "Uh, you know, that's up to those who, uh uh, are doing them"