Gallup: Republicans Move Ahead in Generic Ballot for Congress

The numbers had been close for some time...

PRINCETON, NJ -- Gallup tracking of 2010 congressional voting preferences shows Republicans moving back ahead of Democrats, 49% to 43%, by two points their largest lead of the campaign to date.

Registered voters' preferences had been closely divided for the last several weeks These results are based on Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted May 24-30. Republicans' largest advantage on the generic ballot prior to now was four points during the week of April 5-11.

The GOP held a three-point advantage the week of April 12-18.
The shift from a more competitive race to a Republican lead occurred the same week President Barack Obama averaged a 46% job approval rating, his lowest weekly average to date.
If the elections for Congress were held today, which party's candidate would you vote for in your Congressional district