CNN Rick Sanchez To Sestak: "Give Me a Direct Answer, Did The WH Offer You the Secretary of the Navy Job?"

Sanchez: "I just asked you a direct question, give me a direct answer"

Sestak: "I said I was offered something, I don't think I have to go beyond that"

Here's another reason why Obama didn't give a rats that Arlen Specter lost last night, at 1:20 Sestak starts praising Obama: "I don't think this is a referendum on him at all...I honestly believe he has got the policy approaches that I saw in the U.S. military that helps people"

Sestak pretends he's not going to be yes man for Obama, but we've seen this before, if he becomes the next Senator from Pennsylvania he will be as liberal as Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Pat Leahy when it comes around to voting time...