Zogby Poll: Anti-Wall St. Sentiment Slightly Greater Than Anti-Government Feelings

I don't know how much I agree with this poll, but here it is, newly released today from Zogby

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UTICA, New York - A new Zogby Interactive survey shows the political dangers of opposing financial regulation, with likely voters slightly more likely to vote for a party that is anti-Wall Street over a party that is anti-federal government.

The poll of 1,993 likely voters was conducted from April 23-26. It found that:
-Voters would support "a political party that was anti-Wall Street" (46%) over one that was "anti-federal government," (44%).
-Voters agree with current legislative attempts to regulate Wall St. banks, (56%-49%).
-42% agree that "government is taking power away from big Wall Street players and making them conform to the same rules that everybody follows." 31% instead agree that the "government is collaborating with big Wall Street players to tilt the playing field to their mutual advantage." Another 18% do not agree with either statement and 8% are not sure.
-62% agree that the government lawsuit against Goldman Sachs is justified, 19% do not agree and 19% are not sure.
*If the elections were held today and the choice was between a political party that was anti-Wall Street and a political party that was anti-Federal government, which would you vote for?