Sheriff Arpaio on Obama: "I Don't Even Know Why He's Interfering With The People of Arizona"

Arpaio: "For all those critics out there, I'm coming back next week in the city of Phoenix with my posse, and my deputy sheriffs to do another crime suppression operation"

Sheriff Arpaio asserts that, as always, he and his deputies only stop people in the normal course of their duties – if they don’t have a license, doesn’t speak English, or have guys stashed in the back of a van. He makes his strongest point when he says that the Obama administration has been investigating him for well over a year and they’ve found no wrong doing.

But none of this is good enough for Geraldo, as he jabs back at Arpaio by suggesting to Congressman Balart of Florida that if he were in Phoenix, Sheriff Arpaio would likely stop him because he looks latino interfering