Rasmussen: 56% Not Willing to Pay a Single Cent More To Fight Global Warming

Most U.S. voters think it is at least somewhat important for Congress to pass major energy legislation aimed at reducing global warming this year - as long as it doesn’t cost them more in taxes and raise their utility bills.

But a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that while 39% of likely voters favor a major energy bill aimed at reducing global warming, 40% oppose it. Twenty-one percent (21%) more are undecided.

Voters also have very mixed feelings about how effective any kind of global warming legislation is likely to be. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of voters say it is possible for government actions to significantly reduce global warming.

Forty-two percent (42%) do not believe that to be true. Twenty percent (20%) aren’t sureHowever, 56% of all voters say they are not willing to pay anything more in taxes and utility costs to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming.
5* To generate cleaner energy and fight global warming, it might cost Americans more money each year in taxes and utility costs. How much are you willing to pay each year in higher taxes and utility costs?