Krauthammer on Charlie Crist: "I Think He Does Have A Chance"

I just don't see it, but here's Krauthammer on Special Report...

"If Democrats and liberal think strategically...I think he'd have a very strong chance, I think Democrats might split off and go for Crist"

Senator John Cornyn to Crist: Give back GOP campaign cash
Texas Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, helped lure Florida Gov. Charlie Crist into this year's Senate race in the Sunshine State. But now that Crist reportedly will announce today that he'll make that run as an independent,

Cornyn says he wants contributions he made from his leadership PAC back, and he says other Florida donors are seeking the same."I think in addition to seeing his coffers depleted" by refunding contributions, Cornyn says, "his ability to raise money as an independent will be dramatically down." Cornyn spoke at a breakfast with reporters hosted by The Christian Science Monitor. Crist is trailing in the Aug. 24 Republican primary to Marco Rubio.
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