Joy Behar Compares Arizona Immigration Law to 'Gay Bashing' and 'Fascism'

"You know I was thinking of how it's similar to gay bashing in a way"

Joy Behar, along with three guests, continued to crusade against the new Arizona immigration law on April 29.

Guests included Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon, actress Rosie Perez and singer Jon Secada who all joined Behar in bashing the law.

Liberal Behar attempted to link immigration reform to attacks on gays saying, “You know I was thinking of how it's similar to gay bashing in a way. Because, you know, they'll come in from other parts of the country or wherever and they'll attack some gay guys in the Village here and Chelsea in New York City based on the way they look. It's a very similar thing that's going on. We're going to judge you on how you look, we’re gonna throw you in jail, and also they’re gonna throw these people in jail for six months

Just a few days earlier on April 26, Behar compared the bill to Nazism: “Do you think it’s kind of – doesn’t it feel like sort of Nazism a little bit?

Behar and her April 29 guests had harsh words for the bill. Perez labeled it “disgusting” and said “it is 100 percent completely wrong.” Gordon said Behar and Perez were “understating how bad this is ethically, morally.”