Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: Arizona Law "Stupid"

Fox: "Instead of building walls, this nation should be building bridges," Vicente Fox was a guest on the FoxBusiness Network...

Blames 'fear' for the reason the people of Arizona support the new law..

From businessweek:
Mexicans in Arizona should carry documentation and “act carefully” after the state passed a law requiring local police to determine the immigration status of anyone suspected of being in the country illegally, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry said the warning is directed toward Mexicans living, studying or planning to travel to the southwestern U.S. state, which shares a border with northern Mexico, according to the e-mailed statement sent today. It comes as members of U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration said they have concerns about the new law and may seek to overturn it in court.

“There is an adverse political environment for migrant communities and all Mexican visitors,” Mexico’s ministry said. “It’s important to act carefully and respect the local laws
"Adverse political environment" in Arizona? This coming from a country with 1600 murders in the City of Juarez alone...