Obama Misspells Syracuse on His NCAA Bracket, Get's Edited Out By ESPN **UPDATE**

This is exactly what Obama wrote...


Image from newsbusters
The ABC story on Obama's basketball picks consisted of highlights from corporate cousin ESPN's session with Obama as he filled out a big bracket chart, and World News included Obama's spelling challenge. “Should be an R in there,” ESPN's Andy Katz corrected Obama upon spotting how the President had misspelled “Syracuse” as “Sycacuse.”

**Update**They dont't show Obama writing the word Syracuse, it is replaced with ESPN animation, (at 1:26). Obama comes in after the animation and says "we've got Syracuse here" (word Syracuse is already written). The Obama mistake is pointed out later in the video by the EPSN reporter (at 2:44), The above photo is exactly what Obama wrote

**Update2** After watching the entire video, ESPN shows him write every team in the Sweet 16 except for Syracuse, which they edited out.

I've added this video for any of the people on the left who think Obama's misspelling is no big deal and a non story... Roll tape: June 15, 1992

Quayle was hammered relentlessly by the liberal media, the left and every comic on late night television...