Obama Looking To Seize 10 Million Acres In Land Grab Under Antiquities Act, Senator Jim DeMint Responds

Obama under the Antiquities Act can lock up millions of acres of land with one stroke of a pen without congressional approval.

This is a big story, it just happens to be getting bumped by health care, which is currently a lot bigger story...DeMint: "Mining, forestry, ranching and energy production is all shut down on 10 million acres"
More than a dozen pristine landscapes, wildlife habitats and scenic rivers in 11 Western states, some larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, are under consideration by the Obama administration to become America's newest National Monuments -- a decision the administration can make unilaterally without local input or congressional approval.

According to internal Department of Interior documents leaked to a Utah congressman and obtained exclusively by Fox News, the mostly public lands include Arizona deserts, California mountains, Montana prairies, New Mexico forests, Washington islands and the Great Basins of Nevada and Colorado -- totaling more than 13 million acres.

Sources say President Obama is likely to choose two or three sites from the list, depending on their size, conservation value and the development threat to each one's environment.
Many will remember, in September 1996, Bill Clinton, using the Antiquities Act, turned 1.3 million acres of southern Utah into the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, depriving an energy-starved U.S. of billions of tons of environmentally low-sulfur, low ash coal worth $1.2 trillion. A payoff in my opinion, to Mochtar Riady and the Lippo Group...