CNN Cafferty on Obama's 2012 Re-election: "My Guess is That It Won't Turn Out Quite The Same Way"

Cafferty: "If the jobs don't start coming back soon, maybe he might want to see if that community organizer job is still open"
Cafferty: "Politico is reporting that top White House advisors are quitely working on plans for the 2012 re-election campaign, for now the planning is made up of private closed door meetings of aides of all levels, I guess when you have the economy and health care reform and deficits under control then you can spend your time worrying about the next election, even if it's almost 3 years away. The article sources that the President gives every sign that he plans to run again, wants the next campaign to look a lot like the last one, my guess is that it won't turn out quite the same way"