Foxnews Shep Smith Grills Senator Ben Cardin on Reconcilication

This gets heated and Shep Smith calls him out...3:05 it starts, listen to the arrogance of power from Democrat Ben Cardin...

Cardin on reconciliation: "It's called Democracy, let the majority rule, elections have consequences"...Way to go Maryland, you voted for this clown over Michael Steele for Senate in 2006
Shep: Senator is it [reconciliation] possible?

Cardin: "Well certainly, reconciliation is part of the budget process"

Shep: "Is it possible that it is how we're gonna get this bill through?"

Cardin: "It's certainly appropriate...From the beginning I've have said that I believe in reconciliation, I think it's appropriate to allow the majority an opportunity to vote on the underlining budget issues...I think the American people are entitled to have majority rule in the United States Senate"

Shep: "So if everybody doesn't come together, lets just have a up or down vote, 51 votes will do it?

Cardin: "It's called Democracy, let the majority rule...We should allow the majority to be able to vote on an issue, elections have consequences"