Dick Morris Prediction on Whether Congress Will Approve the Health Care Bill

Dick Morris puts the cost at $6 Trillion, listen at 3:25

Morris: "The people opposed to this bill have got to make the decision as to whether or not it passes, by their level of activism"

dickmorris.com has the names of 30 congressman that are vulnerable to voter backlash if they vote for Obamacare
These thirty Democratic Congressmen all voted for Obamacare the first time around. But Pelosi cannot count on their votes again as Obama tries to jam the bill through using reconciliation in the Senate. These members are all vulnerable and are frightened of the voter backlash their support for Obamacare has kindled.

The League of American voters is running ads in each of their districts to press them to vote no on Obamacare. See their ad on the screen at left. And give us money to run the ad!But also, pick up the phone and call these swing Congressmen. Let them hear from you!
From politico: Senate Dems warm to reconciliation,
And House leader John Boehner has announced his team for the Health Care Summit

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