David Axelrod Open To Reconciliation: "Let The Vote Be Held, Let The Majority Rule and Lets Move On"

David Axelrod on CNN Campbell Brown, even Campbell is warning him of the gravity of reconciliation.

4th video in one day on the Democrats plans for reconciliation, Harry Reid, Ben Cardin, Barack Obama and now David Axelrod...
Brown: "Doesn't he [Lamar] have a point? If the President is prepared to ram it though with just Democratic votes, a simple majority, does that not undermine his claim to be seeking a solution that both parties really truly can support?"

Axelrod: "Campbell, I would say a few things about that, one is both the House and the Senate have passed the major health care reform bills and what has been discussed as using the reconciliation process...Every single Republican Senator in that room I believe has cast votes for reconciliation, including the largest tax cut in history that dwarfed this legislation"

Brown: "You don't think there's real danger?...For such a major massive policy change like this is gonna be, you know that if this were to pass, it would be life changing, ground breaking obviously for a lot of people, for both parties and for frankly congress, doesn't that make this a little bit different?

Axelrod: "I think the American people believe in the principle as was articulated by many Republicans on many issues along the way in majority rule, all they want is an up or down vote and they want to move on, lets have a vote, lets finish this debate, lets have a up or down vote, lets not use procedural blocks that keep us from having an up or down vote, I think the American people say, you know what, let the vote be held, let the majority rule and lets move on"