Ben Stein On Why GOP Opposes Health Care Reform: "Republicans Are Gonna Be Paying For It, Democrats are Gonna Be Receiving it"

Great television from Ben Stein...

This was right after Round 1 of the Health Care Summit
Stein: "You just ask one of the most brilliant questions I have ever heard anyone ask on t.v. which is why are so many Republicans against more government interference in the health care system and so many Democrats in favor of it? I think the answer is the a much higher percentage of Republicans are taxpayers than Democrats, and the Republicans are the people who are gonna be paying for it and the Democrats are gonna be the people receiving it...But as a general matter, Republicans as a group pay income tax at a much higher rate than Democrats"

Then to top it off, Wolf asks Donna Brazile: "Hold on, hold on Donna, what is untrue Donna?"