Salon's Joan Walsh on CNN Says Chris Matthews "Roots" For Obama

Joan Walsh also 'roots' for Obama...

KURTZ: Joan Walsh, I've got less than a minute. Your reaction to those words?

JOAN WALSH SALON: There's no such thing as post-racial, and so I disagree with Chris about that. But on the other hand, I think his heart really is in the right place in terms of -- you know, he roots for this president. Like that or not, people criticize him for that. But, you know, he was trying to say something positive on...

KURTZ: He definitely was trying to say something positive.But did he put it rather clumsily, would you say, David Frum?
WALSH: I would say it was clumsy, yes.

DAVID FRUM: I think the meaning of it so leaps out at people, it almost defies comment. You just wonder what happens all the other hours of his life.