President Bush 41 and Son Jeb Visit the White House

This morning at the White House

You'll notice Obama does not greet the former President at the door

Dallas Morning News
"Mysterious Bush-Bush-Obama meeting at the Oval Office this morning"
President Barack Obama hosted a pair of Bushes this morning in the Oval Office: former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Two weeks ago, Jeb's brother, former President George W. Bush, was at the White House talking about Haiti relief with Obama and ex-President Bill Clinton.

The White House described it as a social call, but feel free to speculate. Jeb Bush's presence was unexpected -- the White House hadn't said anything about him being invited. It's all very... bipartisan.

The Bushes were at the White House for just over a half-hour, emerging in a driving snow that over the next few hours will blanket the capital with several inches of fluff. "Good meeting, good meeting," the elder Bush, 85 and walking with a cane, said in response to a question called out by a reporter.
Bush and Jeb exit after meeting inside the White House, the WaPo reports that former President Bush was in Washington for a dinner and it was simply a social call..

There's a whole lot of people including myself that think the Bush family is just a little too gracious to Obama, remember how many times President Obama during the State of the Union was blasting Bush [43] and the last 8 years, talking again about what he inherited when he walked into the WH. It's unprecedented, especially for a SOTU, I think the Bush's should sometimes treat Obama the way he treats them..