Lee Hamilton: Obama Doesn’t Have "Firm Grasp Yet of the Intelligence Community"

The discussion was the flight 253 bombing attempt

via breitbart.tv

Hamilton: "My impression is the intelligence community is new, relatively new to the President, I think he began to receive intelligence somewhere along the campaign...He's done some good appointments I think, but I do not think he has a firm grasp yet of the intelligence community and therefore I'm pretty strong in my thought that he has to step in here"
The bad news for Obama is that this criticism is coming from another Democrat, the good news for Obama is that it's coming from Lee Hamilton, this supposed brilliant elder statesman that was co-chair of the Iraq Study Group that said "the situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating" in 2006, and that the then Bush Adm. should shift from combat in Iraq to training and didn't mention the word victory. Luckily Bush ignored the Iraq Surrender Group and proposed the troop surge of January 10, 2007 in an effort to stop the violence, the surge was successful, and Iraq today, for the most part was a victory.