Krauthammer on Obama SOTU: "He Can Do a Genuine Pivot and Move to the Center or He Can Fake It"

Krauthammer: "He's a man who believes he can still do the magic..With a silver tongue he can talk ayatollahs into giving up nukes"

Krauthammer thinks he will fake it...
Krauthammer: "The president has a choice, he can do a genuine pivot to the center the way that Bill Clinton did when he suffered a defeat in his first term or he can fake it, I guess he will attempt the second that is for two reasons, the first is he is not a hostage of the party's left, he is a man of the left...This is a man who I think that can fake a pivot and at will at least attempt it and see if it works and we saw a hint of that when they announced a freeze yesterday, which in an of itself a phony and a fraud"