Howard Dean on BBC: Democrats Lost In Special Election Because They Weren't Liberal Enough

It was not a revolt from the right, it was Obama's base staying home because they were angry that the health care bill didn't have the public option. huh?

Delusional...Listen to the BBC reporter challenge him on his foolishness
Dean: "This is not, contrary to what alot American pundits are talking about, this is not a revolt of the right, this is Barack Obama's core base not thinking what we've done what he's ask to do

BBC: "That is quite a radical solution isn't it, are you seriously proposing that the way to have defeated a right wing challenge is to be more left wing?"

Dean: "Well, that's correct"....I do think we have the opportunity for redemption, I think we can salvage a decent Health Care bill probably thorough the reconciliation process
This is what people sound like after they've become intoxicated on power, lets hope the Democratic Party follows him right off a cliff...