"He's the Best Conservationist in America Because He Keeps Recycling His Campaign Promises"

Frank Luntz focus group after the speech, woman at 2:03

"Talk is cheap and I'm tired of all his promises"

John Boehner this morning had some reaction to the State of the Union: "There was nothing last night in the President's speech to indicate that there was any willingness to work together"

No pivot, no triangulation, no move to the center, Obama is not a liberal, he's a radical..

BTW, I remember before Obama took office, alot of people, some on our side said Obama would probably govern as a moderate, the fact that he kept Robert Gates on as Secretary of Defense and that he tapped Republican Judd Gregg for Commerce and even that he asked Pastor Rick Warren to give the prayer at his inauguration, what an absolute head fake that was....I didn't buy it then...No one should ever buy it now...