David Axelrod on MTP: "American People Aren't Saying Lets Walk Away From Health Insurance Reform"

Doesn't sound like health care is dead to the Administration

Pole vault it in...
GREGORY: Is the reality now that it has to wait?

AXELROD: No, I don't think so.

GREGORY: "I want to get to that in just a minute. Mary Landrieu, conservative Democrat from Louisiana, said it's on life support, health care. Is it on life support?"

AXELROD: "Well, I, I hope for the, for the sake of the American people and the tens of millions of people out there who are, who are disadvantaged in their relationship with their insurance companies today or who have no insurance, I hope that's not the case. Again, this is a situation where we ought to put the economic interests of everyday Americans ahead of the politics of the moment. And that's what the president's saying. These are extraordinary times. Middle-class families and people who want to be middle class are struggling all over this country. Let's, let's, let's provide some help...The president is determined that we deal with the problems in front of us, and health care is one of those problems."